Yellow Horse

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Yellow Horse is an herb that is known by many different names and that comes from a plant’s branches and tops. It is used for several medicinal purposes, though it has previously been used extensively as an ingredient in diet pills. That said, this ingredient has been banned in the United States and many other countries because of safety concerns.

You may see Yellow Horse listed under this name on a supplement’s ingredients, or it could be listed as any of the following, among others: mahuang, sea grape, teamster’s tea, yellow astringent, ephedra, desert herb, herbal ecstasy, ephedrine, belcho, or joint fir.

This ingredient is frequently confused for Mormon tea. However, there is an important difference between Mormon tea and Yellow Horse as the first comes from the plant Ephedra nevadensis, while Yellow Horse comes from the plant Ephedra sinica, which is a different plant that contains different chemicals. The second plant, from which Yellow Horse is extracted, contains the chemicals that can lead to potential serious side effects.

This ingredient is used for many different purposes, including everything from athletic performance and weight loss, to overcoming nasal congestion, hay fever and allergies, as well as cold and flu symptoms and headache. Some use it as a water pill.

There is a great deal of debate over the safety and use of Yellow Horse. This controversial ingredient has been linked with strong side effects and even deaths. As a result the FDA banned it in supplements back in June 1997 in any quantity. This has not stopped some supplement companies from selling it, but it is important to know that it is not legal to manufacture, buy or sell products containing this ingredient. Though there had been a temporary lift of the ban to allow for a certain small quantity of the ingredient in April 2005, that ruling was overturned the year after and the FDA’s ban has been upheld ever since.

Other organizations that have specifically banned the use of Yellow Horse include the International Olympic Committee, the National Collegiate Athletic Association, and the National Football League.

This substance is a powerful stimulant that affects the heart, nervous system and lungs. Though preliminary research suggests that it may help to produce modest weight loss when combined with a low fat diet and exercise, that type of use is also linked with serious side effects, even when used by healthy people who carefully follow usage instructions.

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