Woman’s Broom

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Woman’s broom is an herb derived from a wild shrub that is native to Central America, Mexico and the West Indies. It has been used for medicinal purposes for hundreds of years. Though it started off as mainly an aphrodisiac to help to improve sexual desire, it is now found in several different types of product meant for everything from libido to weight loss.

This ingredient has many different names and it may appear in an ingredients list under virtually any of them. Some of the other names for woman’s broom include: turnera diffusa, rosemary, oreganillo, old woman’s broom, houx mexicain, turnera microphyllia, turnera aphrodisiaca, feuille de damiane, herba de la pastora, mizibcoc, or many others.

The leaf and the stem of the woman’s broom shrub are used for making medicines. It can be found in home remedies and supplements for the treatment of depression, headache, nervous stomach, bedwetting, constipation, weight loss, increasing physical stamina, boosting libido and for the treatment and prevention of an array of different sexual issues.

It is believed that woman’s broom works through several chemicals that it contains which impact the nervous system and the brain.

Despite how long woman’s broom has been used in medicine and all the claims that are made about it, it has yet to be proven effective for anything in large peer reviewed medical studies. At best, there is insufficient evidence to support the claims made about it for several of its uses.

There has been some research into the use of woman’s broom for weight loss, headaches, bedwetting, depression, constipation, sexual problems, nervous upset stomach, increasing physical and mental stamina as well as other conditions. At the moment, those supporting these uses have been quite limited, and the rest have provided either conflicting or inconclusive evidence.

More research is required before it can be known if this ingredient is indeed helpful for weight loss, as well as how much of it is needed to produce the desired benefits and whether it is associated with side effects when used in those quantities.

Still, this substance is likely safe when it is consumed as a part of foods in which it is an ingredient and is considered possibly safe when taken orally in medicinal amounts. That said, it’s important to note that taking too much of this ingredient can lead to some highly dangerous side effects. Taking over 200 mg of woman’s broom has been associated with symptoms comparable to strychnine poisoning or rabies.

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