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Many people are surprised at the number of mood enhancers that are worked into diet pills to help dieters to lose weight more quickly. As much as weight loss is a physical process, there is a mental element that also plays a very important role in an individual’s ability to reach his or her weight loss goal.


Many dieters find that they are highly motivated at the start of a diet. This allows them to stick to some of the limitations to their eating plans and force themselves to do more exercises than they would typically want to do. However, over time, when the novelty is gone, it can be challenging to maintain the motivation. This can be very harmful to the ability to continue to stick to a diet. Mood enhancers are very useful for overcoming this barrier to success.


Mood enhancers work by helping dieters to fight issues such as fatigue or the blues, which are common hurdles faced throughout the dieting process. This is especially true when faced with a plateau in weight loss and it feels as though very little or no progress is being made.


Among the various mood enhancers that are commonly found in diet products, two of the most common are phenylethylamine and geranamine.


Phenylethylamine – Phenylethylamine, which is also known as PEA, is included in weight loss supplements either as a stand-alone ingredient or as a part of a larger formulation. This substance is known as a stimulatory transmitter, which increases alertness and improves the mood of the user. It can be helpful to a dieter by enhancing his or her ability to focus, and to keep motivation levels high so that he or she won’t give up, even when the diet feels like more of a struggle.


Geranamine – Geranamine, also known as 1,3 dimethylamylamine, is a derivative of geranium oil. It is known to be a powerful stimulant which also has some thermogenic properties. In its synthetic form, this ingredient is known as methylhexaneamine. It works by providing a significant increase to alertness which can help to combat fatigue, which is a considerable problem among individuals who are on a reduced calorie diet. This is because they are not providing their bodies with as much easy energy through their food, so the body must burn off stored fats, which is more draining. This ingredient’s benefits are that it not only boosts the mood, but it also helps the body to burn off the stored fat more quickly. Unfortunately, geranamine has now been deemed a dangerous diet pill ingredient and is now banned in many countries, including the USA and Canada.

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