Diuretics, which are also referred to as “water pills” are a product that is marketed for a number of reasons, including for weight loss. It works by decreasing the amount of water that has been held in the body in order to provide the appearance of having shrunken down.


Although diuretics may market themselves as weight loss pills, it is important to note that any pounds that are reduced are not fat. Instead, it is the fluids from the tissues that have been flushed out and are expelled from the body as urine. This can appear to make you lighter on the scale, and can even shrink your size a little bit, but this effect is extremely temporary, as the fluids will rebuild into the tissues again.


Diuretics should be used very carefully. They come with a high risk of side effects, and health problems that result from their use can be very serious.


On their own, diuretics are generally not marketed to dieters, but are instead geared more toward bodybuilders. The reason is that they can help to shrink the layer tissue over the muscle that reduces its definition. By using them ahead of a competition, they can help to define the muscles more clearly for a more chiseled appearance.


However, diuretics are often included in the formulas for some weight loss products in order to give the appearance that they provide faster results than they actually do. They can give the dieter the feeling that progress is being made, because after the first few days, it looks as though they have lost weight and reduced in size. Unfortunately, that fast progress cannot be maintained and the size and weight will return again when the body rehydrates.


It is very important to make sure to remain hydrated throughout the use of diuretics. While this can cause the dieter to have to urinate much more frequently, it also helps to make certain that dangerous side effects will not result from significant dehydration.
There are several different common diuretic ingredients, but one of the most frequently used is dandelion. This may appear to be a normal and natural ingredient, but it can provide very powerful results.


If you are considering the use of any diuretic, based on dandelion or anything else, it is important that you speak with your doctor, first. This is because these products can easily conflict with any health conditions you have or medications that you are taking. It is best to be certain that it is right for you before you begin taking the pills.

Diuretics Reviews

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