Turnera Diffusa

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Turnera diffusa is a ingredient frequently found in natural medicine, including in weight loss supplements. It is sometimes found on its own, but it is more frequently combined with other ingredients when it is a part of a diet pill formula. Some research has been conducted on this substance in order to look into its potential for a range of different uses.

This substance is sometimes called Turnera diffusa when it is listed on a supplement’s ingredient label. That said, there are a long list of other common names that refer to this ingredient, which means it may also appear as any of a number of others. These include: damiana leaf, houx Mexican, oregenillo, turnerae diffusae herba, herba de la pastora, damiane, and several others.

The source of this ingredient is a plant native to Mexico, Central America and some of the West Indies. Several parts of the plant, including the stem and leaf, are used in traditional medicines as well as in modern herbal remedies. Medicines in the areas where this plant is native have been including turnera diffusa for hundreds of years. Most commonly, it was used to boost sexual desire, as an aphrodisiac. That said, as the natural chemicals within the plant are better understood, its uses have broadened.

Turnera diffusa is also used to ease a nervous stomach, to treat constipation, and is even found in some headache and depression products. That said, it can also be used in certain ways as a recreational drug as a mild high can be achieved through inhaling some of the substances it contains. That said, the same chemicals found in the plant that can cause a high when inhaled are the same ones that are believed to affect the brain and nervous system in order to obtain the medicinal benefits.

It is important to point out that while there has been some research into this ingredient, there has yet to be adequate study of turnera diffusa to consider it proven for any purpose. Some early research suggests it may have the potential to support dieters in more easily reducing their weight. That said, all research remains early and incomplete, so it is not yet known exactly how much would need to be used, whether or not it could become dangerous at some point, or if the benefits are truly as effective as they may have appeared at first.

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