Triiodothyroacetic Acid

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Triiodothyroacetic Acid is an ingredient increasingly finding its way into nonprescription weight management pills. It is a synthetic ingredient form of a substance that occurs naturally within the body. It may be listed on a product’s ingredients label as any of several different names. Among those names include tiratricol, triac, 3, 3, 5-triiodothyroacetic acid, or other similar versions of those names.

The idea behind using Triiodothyroacetic Acid is to mimic the natural version of it that is produced within the human body. It is frequently used to help people who have thyroid issues, including in the instance of individuals suffering from thyroid cancer. That said, when it comes to losing weight, it is meant to offer thyroid support to individuals who believe that their thyroid gland function may be getting in the way of their ability to lose weight as efficiently as they can.

It’s important to note that if you believe you are suffering from some form of thyroid disease or that the gland is not performing as it should, your first step should be to visit your doctor as opposed to trying to use a supplement to fix it. An over or underperforming thyroid is a serious condition and while it can be controlled, it should not be taken lightly.

The reason people use Triiodothyroacetic Acid to support their thyroids for weight loss is they believe that it can help to boost their metabolisms as well as to enhance their ability to reduce cellulite and other lumpy kinds of unwanted body fat.

Be careful not to confuse a supplement containing Triiodothyroacetic Acid with one that contains tiratricol, Triax or TRIAC. The reason is that those substances are not considered to be supplements. Instead, while they do contain this ingredient, they contain enough to be considered drugs that have not received the FDA’s approval in the United States. That medication has been linked with risks of very serious health problems. Therefore, despite the similar name, one should not be confused for the other.

It’s also important to know the status of Triiodothyroacetic Acid in the place where you live. For example, in France, this ingredient is used for thyroid disease treatment but it is only legally available by prescription. Therefore, anyone bringing it there without a prescription or purchasing it there without one could be breaking the law.

It’s also a good idea to note that while Triiodothyroacetic Acid has been shown to affect thyroid function, it is not necessarily proven as an effective weight loss ingredient.

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