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Triax is an ingredient that sometimes finds its way into diet pills as well as other treatment products. It’s important to learn more about this ingredient before taking anything that contains it as there have been some health problems associated with its use.  It may be listed under any of a number of different possible names when included in supplement formulas.

Other names by which Triax is known include Tricana, Triac, T-cuts, Tiratricol, Acide Triiodothyrocétique, Acide 3,3’,5-Triiodothyroacétique, 3,3′, 5-triiodothyroacetic acid, and triiodothyroacetic acid.

What is Triax?

Triax is a chemical that occurs naturally within the human body.  That said, there are also synthetic versions that are included in several types of supplements. This ingredient is meant to be taken in products only when under the supervision of a healthcare provider.  These oral supplements are meant for thyroid problem treatments. Among those issues can include hypothyroidism or even thyroid cancer.

That said, there are supplements for weight loss that contain Triax and many people are quite enthusiastic about using it.  Unfortunately, there has yet to be any solid scientific research to support this ingredient’s use in weight loss products.

FDA Recalls

In the United States, there were several recalls issued by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for products containing Triax.  In fact, between 1999 and 2001, the FDA went so far as to obtain a court order to stop companies from marketing products that market it.

The FDA has determined that Triax cannot be deemed a dietary supplement.  Instead, it was labeled as an unapproved drug.  This substance contains a strong thyroid hormone, says the FDA, and misuse could lead to serious health consequences.

In France, Triax is sold as a prescription thyroid disease drug.  It has been studied there since the 1950s.

Better Safe than Sorry

Though Triax still finds its way into diet pills, it’s highly recommended that you avoid their use.  If you are determined to try them, it is extremely important to speak with your doctor first. Using this ingredient can place your health in danger. As it is unlikely that this substance has any direct connection with weight loss, any benefits you could possibly receive from its use would not justify the medical risks you would be taking.

Among the medical problems associated with using Triax include bleeding problems such as slow clotting blood, angina (chest pain), diabetes, heart disease, worsening existing heart disease, exacerbating high blood pressure.

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