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TMG is an ingredient commonly found in over the counter diet pills as well as a range of other types of dietary supplements. This substance is easy to find on its own or in larger formulas and may be listed on a package as TMG or could also be identified by many other potential names.

Some of the names by which TMG is also known include: oxyneurine, trimethyl glycine, trimethyl glycine anhydrous, betaine anhydrous, lycene and a number of others. It’s important to note that regardless of the way it is identified on a package label, it is still the same substance. It works the same way on the body, and it produces the same effects and side effects.

Though TMG and the other names by which this ingredient is known makes it sound as though it could be a synthetic chemical, it is in fact a substance found in the human body and several other natural sources. Aside from the human body, this naturally occurring compound is found in certain cereals, seafood, spinach, beets and wine.

The FDA has approved the use of TMG for several different medicinal purposes. Among those purposes includes the use of TMG as a homocystinuria treatment. The ingredient is used to help lower the urine homocysteine levels. This can be helpful to individuals whose levels are high due to a number of potential genetic disorders, as well as among people who suffer from osteoporosis, certain skeletal issues, problems with the lens of the eye, as well as certain types of heart disease.

Still, despite the fact that those are the only uses that have FDA approval, TMG is also used for several other medicinal purposes, too. For instance, it is often used to improve athletic performance, to treat liver disease, to treat osteoarthritis, to boost the immune system, for congestive heart failure, and obesity.

TMG’s effect in the human body is to alter the homocysteine metabolism. Changing this balance can produce a range of different outcomes such as in the makeup of the blood, bone density, and even parts of the heart, eyes, nerves and brain. Aside from that effect, this ingredient may help to lower dry mouth symptoms when it is a part of certain oral care product formulas.

In term of the use of TMG as a diet pill ingredient, there has been only limited and preliminary research conducted on it. Though it is often found in weight loss pills, reputable studies have yet to confirm any direct link between using this substance in a supplement and reducing body fat levels.

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