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Synephrine is a very popular, highly controversial diet pill ingredient that has been included in the formulas of a rising number of products over the years. This substance is also found in a range of other over the counter products, such as in treatments for fungal skin infections (such as jock itch, ringworm, and athlete’s foot).

When it is worked into the ingredients lists of diet pills, synephrine may go by that name, or may also be identified as bitter orange or citrus aurantium, among others. This is because citrus aurantium (also known as bitter orange) contain synephrine and are usually used for that fact.

There are a range of other reasons that many people use synephrine, but for which there is insufficient evidence to prove that it is either safe or effective. These include as treatments for diabetes, indigestion allergies, gas, anxiety ahead of surgery, nasal congestion, cancer, intestinal ulcers, chronic fatigue, cholesterol regulation, eye swelling, gallbladder and liver issues, colds, headaches, bruises, muscle and nerve pain, appetite stimulation, insomnia, and weight loss.

While there has been some research conducted on the effectiveness of synephrine to help with weight loss, most of it is conflicting, at best, and the majority is still considered to be preliminary.

That said, the FDA has issued warnings to consumers, cautioning them against the use of this substance for the purposes of weight loss. This is because it has been deemed possibly unsafe for this use. The reason is that when synephrine is combined with caffeine, or other stimulants, or herbs that contain caffeine or other stimulants (such as green tea, yerba mate, green coffee, kola nut, etc) it increases the risk of dangerous heart issues such as heart attack, stroke, fainting, and high blood pressure.

That said, there are also a broad range of different side effects that are associated with the use of synephrine that could make it unappealing as a diet pill ingredient, even if it had been proven effective for weight loss – which it has not. Among the common side effects include triggering headaches, including cluster and migraine headaches. Moreover, people using synephrine are also advised to protect themselves from the sun, as this ingredient can boost sun sensitivity.

This ingredient has been deemed to be possibly unsafe when taken in supplements during pregnancy and breast feeding, as well as for people with diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease, heart arrhythmia and glaucoma. It is also not appropriate if you will soon be or have recently undergone surgery.

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