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While you’ve been looking into diet pill ingredients, you’ve likely stumbled upon at least one that contains Super Citrimax.  With a name like that, you might wonder what this substance is and what it can do for you.  You may also wonder if there are any drawbacks to using a product that contains this ingredient.

These are all very relevant types of question.  In fact, they are the subjects you should be discussing with your doctor regardless of whether you are considering the use of a diet pill containing super citrimax or virtually any other ingredient.  That way, you can know if the formula is safe and appropriate for your health needs and weight loss expectations.

What is Super Citrimax?

Super Citrimax is a registered trademark ingredient that is found in a considerable number of nonprescription weight loss products. While many people and websites assume that it is made out of another common diet pill ingredient, citrus aurantium (bitter orange), this is not at all the case. If you find yourself reading information about this ingredient that suggests that this is its main ingredient, it’s time to move on as that is completely inaccurate.

Instead, this substance is actually made of garcinia cambogia, which is an entirely different fruit. Both of those ingredients are commonly found in over the counter weight loss pills.  That said, the way they work in the body is not the same and you should not mistake one for the other.

“The Original Garcinia Cambogia”

The official website for this product calls Super Citrimax “the original garcinia cambogia”, though it does not provide any evidence that would suggest that it was either the first one to use the substance as an ingredient for weight loss pills, or that it was the first one to do it better than anyone else.

The claim that the official webpage for this product makes is that it will help to shrink the appetite, to inhibit the production of body fat, to boost fat burning, to raise serotonin levels, and to decrease emotional eating. While all of those benefits do sound highly attractive, the primary issue with them is that there has never been a large, conclusive study that has suggested that using a supplement containing that ingredient would actually produce those results.

Why Is Garcinia Cambogia So Popular?

The reason that this diet pill ingredient – and most others based on garcinia cambogia – has become popular is because of what is called the “Dr. Oz Effect”. This is actually a phenomenon that has a name and that can be measured in the market. Despite the fact that it does not have adequate scientific study, Dr. Oz spoke about this ingredient on his popular daytime television show, praising it for its weight loss enhancing properties.

His influence over this industry is such that it caused millions of products containing the ingredient to be nearly instantly sold. The problem is that just because he has recommended it, it doesn’t mean that it will actually do anything, nor has it been proven to be safe.

Does This Mean You Shouldn’t Use Super Citrimax?

Without proper study, it is unknown whether it works, how much is required to make it work, if side effects could occur, if it can interact with other supplements, drugs, or medical conditions, or how much could poison a person, for example, Dr. Oz found himself in the hot seat as a result of the claims that he had been making, when he faced a federal Senate Committee. Regardless, products based on garcinia cambogia and Super Citrimax continue to sell.

At the moment, there isn’t a lot of empirical evidence to support the use of garcinia cambogia or Super Citrimax.  Some research is starting to be conducted on garcinia cambogia, though it is still considered to be in its preliminary stages.  However, many dieters have left their own reviews of this ingredient – though not necessarily in the brand name form – to say that they have enjoyed weight loss support through its use.

Though this is hardly considered to be scientific evidence, it does show that there may be something to this ingredient after all.  The consensus among many product reviewers online seems to be that while the ingredient is decent on its own, it is usually more beneficial when it is used as a part of a more complete formula.  This indicates that it may not be enough to provide weight control support alone, but in a formula containing other substances as well, Super Citrimax – or at least garcinia cambogia – may be promising.

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