Sea Grape

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Sea grape is an ingredient that used to be found in weight loss pills all the time but that is now banned by many national safety agencies. This includes a ban from the U.S. Food and Drug administration and applies to any amount of this substance used for the purposes of weight loss.

Sea grape is a natural ingredient that is still sometimes seen in weight loss supplements, despite the fact that it is illegal. It may be listed under this name or as any of the following: desert herb, joint fir, teamster’s tea, yellow astringent, zhong mahuang, yellow horse, ma huang, herbal ecstasy, belcho, efedra, ephedra, ephedrine, ephedrine alkaloid, cao mahuang, or many others.

The reason this substance has been banned from diet pills in the United States (since 2006) and many other countries is because it was found to be unsafe. The stimulant effect of this substance and the way it functions within the body considerably increases a user’s risk of heart attack, stroke and other cardiovascular issues, among many other possible problems. It was directly linked to the deaths of a handful of people before it was banned.

Sea grape comes from the ma huang plant, which is known as Ephedra sinica. It is important that this not be confused with a similar sounding ingredient, commonly known as Mormon tea, but that comes from the plant called American ephedra or Ephedra nevadensis. The Ephedra nevadensis plant does not contain the ephedrine chemicals that gives sea grapes its sought-after effects and that also increase the risk of dangerous side effects and reactions.

The reason that sea grape was quite popular before it was banned is that when combined with a low calorie diet and exercise, it can help to promote a modest amount of weight loss. This was shown in a growing body of research. Equally, research and medical reports to the FDA found that the use of this substance commonly lead to serious side effects.

The research showed that people who took sea grape would lose an average of about 2 pounds per month for as many as six months. That said, that modest amount of weight loss was not worth the risk of danger to the body and it was deemed harmful and banned.

Sea grape is now considered to be unsafe for both adults and children. It places users at risk of disabling and life-threatening conditions. Using it has been linked with heart attacks, high blood pressure, seizures, muscle disorders, loss of consciousness, irregular heartbeat and death. The higher the dose and the longer it was used, the more likely the patient was to suffer from side effects and the more dangerous those side effects could become.

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