Sea Buckthorn

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Sea Buckthorn is a type of berry that has been gaining a lot of media and supplement company attention over the last while. Also known under a large range of other names, the benefits of this substance are only just starting to be investigated with any depth. Among the other names under which Sea Buckthorn may be sold include: hippophae rhamnoides, faux nerprun, finbar, bourdaine marine, ananas de sibérie, argousier, argasse, épine luisante, epino falso, espino Amarillo, meerdorn or simply Buckthorn.

This is actually the name of a plant with leaves, flowers and fruits. All of those components have been used in making medicines of various forms. When it comes to weight loss, it is the berries and the berry oils that are most frequently used.

The reason these berries are as highly valued as they are is that they contain a vast range of different nutrients. They contain vitamins A, B1, B2, B6, C and Omega 7 but they also have several other active ingredients within them.

While many companies may sell supplements of sea buckthorn and claim that there is scientific evidence to support their promises, the truth of the matter is that the research remains inadequate to say that they are proven in any way for directly impacting weight loss. On the other hand, there has been some early evidence that has indicated that orally taking sea buckthorn berry oil, the berries themselves or berry extracts may not at all help in the reduction of body weight in women who are either obese or overweight.

That being the case, while this is far from being proven, it appears as though the only real reputable evidence that has been amassed with regards to the use of sea buckthorn for weight loss purposes has suggested the very opposite of what supplement manufacturers are claiming.

That said, unlike many other substances that are used in the nonprescription weight loss industry, sea buckthorn fruit and oil is considered to be likely safe when it is consumed in the form of food. Moreover, when taken orally or topically, it is also considered to be possibly safe as a medicine. In scientific studies, participants have continued to use supplements of this substance for up to 90 days without suffering from any health risks. That said, the long term impact of using this substance is unknown.

The use of sea buckthorn extracts or leaf has not been adequately studied in order to make any determinations regarding safety.

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Sea Buckthorn
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