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Rose hip is an ingredient that is found in dozens of different diet pills. It goes by a number of different names, so while it could be listed in ingredients as “rose hip”, it may also be identified as any of a number of other names, such as: hip fruit, hop fruit, gulab, dog rose hips, dog rose, cynorhodons, cynosbatos, apothecary rose, hip sweet, Persian rose, pink rose, rosa alba, poire d’oiseau, and phool gulab, among others.

This ingredient is made of the round part of the rose flower, which is located right beneath where the petals grow. It is this portion of the plant that contains the actual seeds. Dried rose hip is often used in combination with the seeds for medicinal purposes.

Rose hips are most commonly used for the treatment of certain kinds of stomach disorders, such as stomach acid deficiencies, stomach spasms, ulcer prevention, prevention of stomach irritation, and as a type of “tonic” for intestinal issues. Increasingly, it is also being used for gout, gallstones, diarrhea, constipation, gallbladder ailments, kidney and lower urinary tract disorders, high blood pressure, fever, chest problems, and weight loss, among other purposes.

Though this ingredient is considered to be high in vitamin C, processing it (as is the case for supplements) destroys the majority of the nutrient, so most of these supplements are likely not appropriate to be used for vitamin C supplementation.

While this ingredient is potentially beneficial for certain conditions, such as osteoarthritis, it is unlikely that it helps people to lose weight. The closest that it comes to being beneficial for dieting purposes is in helping to balance blood sugar levels among obese patients. That said, there is insufficient evidence available to indicate that the ingredient has been proven for this purpose. Most of the evidence behind this substance as a diet pill ingredient is either anecdotal, or preliminary. A great deal more study would be required in order to know for certain whether or not it is a helpful diet pill and, if it is, how much should be used in each dose.

Rose hip is considered to be likely safe when taken orally by adults. When taken topically, it is considered to be likely safe for a short period of time.

Taking rose hip is not appropriate for all people, as it does have some potential side effects that could cause adverse reactions in people with certain common conditions such as bleeding conditions, pregnancy, breast-feeding, kidney stones, sickle cell disease, iron-related disorders, diabetes and people undergoing surgery.

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Rose Hip
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