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When you’re shopping around for diet pills and weight loss supplements, the odds are that you’ll come across a product at some point or another that contains a substance called pyruvate. This is a very common diet pill ingredient and while it may be listed under that name, it could also appear under any of several other names by which it is known.

Some of the alternate weight loss pill ingredient names for pyruvate include: acide pyruvique, calcium pyruvate, 2-oxypropanoic acid, 2-ocopropanoate, 2-oxopropropanoic acid, acide acetylformique, acide oxo-2 propanoique, alpha-keto, alpha-keto acid, and others.

Pyruvate is actually a substance that is made naturally within the body during the process of breaking down glucose (sugar). It is also something that is added to supplements that are geared toward people who are attempting to overcome any of a range of different medical issues such as obesity and weight loss, cataracts, high cholesterol, athletic performance enhancement and for certain anti-aging purposes.

Some supplements include this ingredient in the form of a liquid while others dehydrate it. Liquids are often used when it is applied topically.

Pyruvate is believed to be able to boost the breakdown of fat, but it has yet to be proven to be effective enough to produce actual measureable weight loss in large and reputable scientific studies. When used topically, pyruvic acid can help to slough away the outer layer of skin, which helps to explain the anti-aging and anti-photo damage effect it can appear to produce.

Topical use as a skin peel is considered to be the purpose for which pyruvate is most likely to be helpful. It can help to reduce signs of dark spots associated with sun exposure and age, and after weekly uses for four weeks, it may decrease wrinkles and smooth the skin.

That said, it is believed to be likely ineffective for several other purposes, such as the improvement of athletic performance. Evidence has yet to be sufficient to support its use for a range of other reasons, including everything from cardiovascular health and cholesterol level improvement to alcohol related liver disease.

Very early studies indicate it may potentially become known as effective for weight loss, but research so far is conflicting as some show benefits while others show no effect, so greater research is required.

When taken in small amounts, it is considered to be possibly safe when inhaled using a nebulizer or when taken orally for up to six weeks. That said, side effects include bloating, gas, diarrhea and upset stomach.

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