Purple Willow

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Purple willow is a natural ingredient that is used in a range of different types of over the counter products, some of which include weight loss pills. There are a huge number of names that can be used instead of “purple willow” when this substance is found in a product formula, if only because there are many different varieties and sources of the substance. That said, the majority are typically used in the same way.

Other names by which this ingredient is sometimes known include: Laurel willow, knackweide, brittle willow, bay willow, saule, black willow, saule blanc, white willow bark, violet willow, willowbark, white willow, salix pentandra, reifweide, pussy willow, purpurweide, osier blanc, extrait d’ecorce de saule, European willow, basket willow, corteza de sauce, salicic cortex, salix daphnoides, salix alba, salix nigra, salix fragilis, saule des viviers, and Daphne willow, among many, many others.

This substance may be extracted from many different varieties of willow tree. It is the bark that is used from the plants in order to make medicine.

The purple willow ingredient from the bark of the plant has many properties similar to aspirin. In fact, it was collected during the first and second World Wars to be used for this purpose. It is used for reasons such as headaches, other pains, menstrual cramps, muscle pain, osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, ankylosing spondylitis and gout, among others. That said, it is also used for helping symptoms of the common cold, the flu, for fever and to ease weight loss.

The pain relieving properties of this substance have been known for thousands of years. Hippocrates himself used it quite commonly, advising people to chew the bark for fever and pain relief. The active ingredient in the bark is called salicin, which is what acts in a similar way to aspirin.

Studies have indeed revealed that it can be effective for back pain relief. Moreover, research also shows that increased doses provide more pain relief than lower doses. That said, it can take time – up to a week – to see symptom improvements. Equally, though, this ingredient is toxic after a certain amount and can cause kidney damage. Over time, large quantities can break down the kidneys and risk death.

So far, however, there is not enough evidence to suggest that using purple willow is effective for weight loss. Early studies had suggested that combining cola nut, ephedra and purple willow may be helpful to people who are overweight and obese, but due to the fact that the FDA has banned ephedra for weight loss pills, those study results aren’t entirely helpful in a practical way for dieters.

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