Purging Thorn

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Purging thorn is a natural ingredient commonly found in remedies for various types of ailments and health concerns, including obesity and weight loss. This ingredient has seen a sudden rise in popularity and is therefore becoming the focus of an increasing number of product lines and individual formulations.

As is the case with many natural ingredients, there are many different names that can be used to identify purging thorn. As it has been identified by a growing number of cultures around the world, it has been given a spectrum of different names. Therefore, if you purchase a diet pill with this substance in it, it could be listed in the ingredients as purging thorn or as any of several other names. These can include (but are by no means limited to): Hippophae rhamnoides, oblepikha, meerdorn, sceitbezien, sanddorn, argasse, bourdaine marine, buckthorn, chharma, epine marrante, argousier, rokitnik, seedorn, sea-buckthorn, star-bu, espino armarillo and tindved.

Purging thorn is an herbal ingredient. It is taken from a plant from which the flowers, leaves and fruits are all used in various ways for medicinal purposes. The leaves and fruits are extremely nutritionally dense – including vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, protein and omega fatty acids – which helps to explain why they are seen as potentially helpful as remedies for certain conditions.

Ingredients from this plant are used in everything from oils to capsules and teas to boost nutrition, treat inflammatory conditions such as skin rashes, skin conditions and arthritis, and even improving certain forms of heart disease such as high blood pressure and cholesterol, among others.

The berries are also used to slow aging, prevent infections and improve sight. Their oil can be helpful enough in assisting with skin repair that Russian cosmonauts have been sent with a supply of it when going into space to help repair their skin from the damage of additional radiation exposure (as they are no longer protected by the Earth’s atmosphere). For this reason, this ingredient is also frequently used for healing burns, sunburns and sores, as well as treating radiation damage from the sun and from X-rays.

The berries and leaves can be used medicinally both internally and externally and are commonly used in teas and to make juices, purees, jellies and sauces. They are also frequently being used in cosmetic and beauty products.

As of yet, there is insufficient evidence to support the use of purging thorn for any specific purpose, though the body of research is growing with interest in this substance. It is likely that more conclusive evidence will start becoming available in the not-too-distant future.

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