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Phenylethylamine is an ingredient commonly found in diet pills supporting weight management.  After all, losing weight is rarely an easy process because it involves more than just dieting. It takes a lifestyle change to be able to:

  • Lose weight,
  • Maintain weight loss, and
  • Manage your weight over the long term.

Altering your diet and engaging in regular exercise can help you shed excess pounds.  These are considered to be core habits to promote fat burning. That said, they’re not always easy to do on a regular basis. Sometimes the additional help of non-prescription diet pills that contain quality ingredients like phenylethylamine will help to make slimming down an easier and potentially faster process.

What is Phenylethylamine

Phenylethylamine, also called PEA, is available as an individual supplement and is also used in weight management formulas with other compatible ingredients.  It is a stimulatory transmitter derived from a natural amino acid known as phenylalanine.  It has the ability to increase the body’s energy levels and can act as a mood enhancer, as shown in research.

After several years of scientific and medical studies, phenylethylamine has been found to work well on its own.  Moreover, it can also be beneficial when it is combined with the right ingredients to create a potent formulation.  In fact, in the past two decades alone, research* has revealed that phenylethylamine can help alleviate depression symptoms by elevating mood and counteracting blue feelings.

Mood and Energy Enhancement Benefits for Weight Control

As a mood and energy enhancer, phenylethylamine is highly beneficial for weight loss. Staying motivated and emotionally positive is extremely important for a good diet program to work and for optimal weight loss results to be achieved.

It is interesting to note, however, that phenylethylamine may not have been as recognized for its weight management benefits if it had not been for the fact that phenylpropanolamine was banned by the FDA in 2002. The banning of this unrelated substance, which had once been used in diet pills, gave researchers the chance to study the effects of PEA.  Their studies helped to further the understanding of how this ingredient works and how much is needed for benefits.

How is Phenylethylamine Used?

When taken as recommended in acceptable amounts, phenylethylamine is considered to be likely safe for healthy adult dieters when taken in appropriate amounts.  However, anyone who suffers from a rare metabolic disorder known as phenylketonuria (PKU) should not use diet pills or any other supplement containing phenylethylamine.

Furthermore, this substance may negatively interact with certain medications, particularly antipsychotic drugs.  For this reason, it is in your best interest to consult with your healthcare provider before taking this substance.  This is particularly true if you are on any medications or have an existing health condition.

Phenylethylamine may be able to assist you in achieving your weight management goals and help you stay on target by boosting your mood.  After all, when you are motivated and feel good about yourself, it’s easier to stay on track.

*   Sabelli H, Fink P, Fawcett J, Tom C. The Journal of Neuropsychiatry and Clinical Neurosciences. “Sustained antidepressant effect of PEA replacement”. 1996;8:168-171.

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