Penta Tea

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Penta Tea has become a common ingredient in diet pills as the move toward natural options continues to grow. To know whether or not you want this substance in your diet pills, it’s a good idea to learn more about it and to find out what thermogenics do.

What is Penta Tea?

Penta Tea is a substance also known as southern ginseng, xian cao, immortality herb, jiao gul an, miracle grass, fairy herb, Amachazuru, gymnostemma, vitis pentaphylla, and xianxao. It is obtained from a plant that is native to several parts of Asia.  Most often, it is the leaf from the plant that is used medicinally.  Its most common nickname is Southern Ginseng because of where it grows in the wild and because it is frequently used for similar purposes as ginseng.  That said, those two ingredients are not the same thing.

How is This Ingredient Used?

Penta Tea is commonly used in diet pills as a thermogenic – an ingredient that temporarily raises the body temperature and burns more calories as fuel – as well as in treating liver disease, diabetes, obesity and other conditions.  That said, it’s important to point out that there is a difference between the way an ingredient is used and what it can actually do.

So far, there isn’t any solid evidence to support the use of Penta Tea for any medical purpose, including for weight loss.

Has Research Been Conducted?

Limited research has been conducted on Penta Tea.  Research conducted on this ingredient has not been adequate to be considered conclusive.  That said, there has been enough to help determine whether or not more research would be worthwhile for certain purposes.

Research has suggested that there is the potential for benefits in certain areas. Further research is required to show that this ingredient is possibly effective for:

  • Diabetes – Drinking this tea may help to reduce fasting blood sugar levels. It may also help to improve insulin sensitivity in people who already have diabetes.
  • High cholesterol – Taking this ingredient as a supplement may help to reduce total cholesterol levels. It may also help to boost the “good” HDL total cholesterol ratio in individuals whose overall cholesterol levels were already high.

For all other medical claims about Penta Tea, there is insufficient evidence to support its use, regardless of what manufacturers may claim about its benefits. This includes obesity treatment and its use as an ingredient in diet pills.

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