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Oreganillo is an herb that comes from the leaf and stem of a wild shrub. This shrub naturally grows in Mexico, Central America and the West Indies. The plant’s leaf and stem are well-known for having medicinal properties and these medicines have been used for centuries to aid in various health issues.

That being said, most commonly, this herb’s major claim to fame is its supposed aphrodisiac effects, which can assist in the improvement of sexual desire. Today, Oreganillo is used in more than libido supplements. You can also find it in a variety of over-the counter (OTC) products, including those developed tablets for weight loss.

More specifically, the herb can be found in home remedies and in dietary supplements formulated for boosting libido and treating and preventing a variety of diverse sexual problems. It has also been used in supplements to treat depression, nervous stomach, headache, constipation, bed wetting, increasing physical stamina and weight loss.

The belief is that the many chemicals Oreganillo contains impact the nervous system and brain. However, there isn’t enough scientific research to support the positive claims that have been made about this herb’s safety or effectiveness in treating many of the medical conditions it supposedly can help.

Oreganillo has been studied in regard to its use for sexual problems, weight loss, boosting mental and physical stamina, depression, headaches, constipation, nervous upset stomach, bedwetting, and other conditions. Unfortunately, at present, the minimal research that has supported the use of this herb for these conditions has been very limited. What’s more, the majority of the research was either inconclusive or conflicting.

In short, in regard to weight loss specifically, more clinical studies need to be conducted before it can be known if Oreganillo offers any real benefit. Furthermore, it has yet to have been determined how much of this ingredient is required in order to produce desired effects and if there are side effects associated with the herb when used in this amount.

With that in mind, currently, Oreganillo is considered to be likely safe when it is consumed as an ingredient in foods and is thought to be possibly safe when it is taken orally in medicinal amounts. Even so, it is prudent to point out that ingesting too much of this herb can result in extremely dangerous side effects. Taking more than 200 mg of Oreganillo has been linked to symptoms similar to rabies or strychnine poisoning.

Finally, even if the name “Oreganillo” does not look familiar to you, there’s still a possibility that you have come across this ingredient before. The reason is, as is the case with many herbs, there’s more than one name for it.

Some of the other common names for this substance include: rosemary, woman’s broom, old woman’s broom, turnera diffusa, turnera aphrodisiaca, turnera microphyllia, houx mexicain, mizibcoc, feuille de damiane, herba de la pastora, etc. Keep in mind that this herb can appear under any of these and other names not listed in a product’s ingredients list.

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