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NeOpuntia is a branded form of weight loss pill ingredient that is growing in popularity and usage. It is a type of fiber that is supposed to be able to bind to fats and block them from being absorbed by the body during digestion. As a fat blocker, it helps to reduce the fat intake and, therefore, calorie intake of the dieter. This can help to make it easier for that person to be able to work on losing weight without feeling as hungry or having to give up all of their favorite foods.

Why Look for a Diet Pill with NeOpuntia?

This ability to be able to diet without feeling deprived of favorite foods is an important step to helping to ensure that the diet program will be effective and will be maintained over time.

The way that NeOpuntia is supposed to work is by surrounding the molecules of some of the fats from consumed foods. This makes them too large for the body to be able to absorb and, therefore, leaves them undigested.

Most products that use this ingredient within their formulas say that the best time to take it is about a half hour before each meal. In this way, it can reduce the amount of food that is absorbed from each meal. That said, it will typically not be able to block all of the fats from a meal, which is very important to ensuring that nutrients can still be taken in by the body, as there are some vitamins and minerals that require fats in order to be absorbed by the body.

What Else Can This Ingredient Do?

Aside from fat blocking, NeOpuntia is also supposed to boost the digestive system’s motility. This can also help to reduce the number of calories that the body will take in. After all, the less time the body has to digest a meal, the less it will actually be able to absorb.

What Does the NeOpuntia Research Say?

There has been some fascinating research on NeOpuntia, a top ingredient in PHENBLUE. One of the most important ones, so far, has been a pilot study that showed that by consuming 1.6 grams of this ingredient ahead of a meal, fat excretion increased by 27 percent when compared to similar dieters who were given a placebo, instead. The same study also determined that this ingredient reduces fatty acid bioavailability (absorption and use) by over 28 percent.

A second study of the ingredient showed that it may be helpful as blood lipid parameter regulation aid. That could help to reduce risk associated with cardiovascular issues.

Potential side effects associated with the use of this fiber include gas, constipation, stomach cramps, and nausea. This is particularly true if too much is taken, or if it is taken in combination with the consumption of fatty foods.

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