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Mizibcoc is an ingredient that is commonly used in weight loss supplements on its own or in combination with other ingredients. A certain amount of research has been conducted on this ingredient in order to consider it for various types of effect within the body.

Though it may be listed under this name on the ingredients list of a product, it may also be listed as: damiana, turnera aphrodisiaca, turnarae diffusae folium, feuille de damiana, herba de la pastora, Mexican damiana, old woman’s broom, rosemary, oreganillo, tur near aphrodisiaca, the bourrique, and others.

This ingredient is sourced from a wild shrub that is native to the West Indies, Central America and Mexico. Both the leaf and the stem parts of this plant are used for medicinal purposes. In traditional local medicines in the regions in which it is native, it was used primarily as an aphrodisiac in order to improve sexual desire. However, since then, its uses in medicine have greatly expanded.

Mizibcoc is used for the treatment of everything from depression to headache, from nervous stomach to bedwetting, from constipation to sexual problem treatment and prevention and to boost physical stamina. This substance has also been inhaled for the purpose of getting a mild “high” when used as a recreational drug.

This substance is believed to work because of the chemicals it contains which could potentially have an impact on the brain and the nervous system.

That said, there has yet to be adequate scientific evidence to consider mizibcoc to be proven to do anything at all. That said, there is some early research which would indicate that taking a certain amount of this ingredient and combining it with certain others could help dieters to be able to reduce their weight more easily. The other ingredients with which this substance has been combined in those studies include yerba mate and guarana.

It is important to note that while those studies do look promising, they are quite preliminary. They involved the participation of overweight patients. It is unclear as to specifically how mizibcoc contributed to the weight loss of the people who participated in the study and it isn’t known if they would have had the same results if this substance was left out of the combination given to the dieters.

This ingredient is considered to be possibly safe when taken orally for medicinal purposes. However, it has been associated with certain side effects, some of which have been quite severe. Taking 200 grams of mizibcoc extract has been known to lead to symptoms not unlike rabies or strychnine poisoning, including convulsions.

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