Manchurian Thorn

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Manchurian thorn is a type of tree from which the roots and the bark are used for medicinal purposes. It is in that light that it often finds its way into various types of weight loss supplements. This plant and the medicinal substance it provides is known under a range of different names aside from its most common one. It is also known as aralia mandshurica, aralia elata, mandschurische aralie, and the Manchurian angelica tree.

In order to obtain the benefits available through the root or bark of the Manchurian thorn, it is primarily taken orally. It is taken by mouth for a number of different types of ailments and health problem, including weight loss, but also including weakness, headache, stress, tiredness, stress and depression. It is used by many as a stimulant and an adaptogen and is frequently taken to help boost the immune system.

At the moment, research is very limited with regard to the use of Manchurian thorn. It is not known how this substance might potentially work medicinally when it is taken on its own. That said, when it is taken in combination with another substance called Engelhardia chrysolepsis, it may be able to boost weight loss by increasing the levels of an enzyme that occurs naturally in the body and that is integral to the process of burning fat.

That said, in terms of the use of Manchurian thorn on its own, there is insufficient evidence to indicate that it could provide any benefit to people who are trying to lose weight. There is also not enough evidence to suggest that it would be helpful for treating weakness, tiredness, depression, headache and stress or to help the immune system.

A preliminary study did indicate that when 150 mg of Manchurian thorn and 150 mg of Engelhardia chrysolepsis were combined into an oral product called Aralox and when it was taken for 15 weeks on a daily basis, it was able to help promote body weight and body fat loss among women with obesity.

That said, even in this case where it appears as though it may be helpful in boosting fat burning among women with obesity, it is very important to note that it is not yet known whether or not this ingredient is safe to use. In fact, it is suspected that this ingredient could potentially lead to liver damage when it is taken at higher dosages.

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