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Magnolia is a common natural diet pill ingredient that many companies tout as a powerful solution to weight loss issues. Also known under a long list of different names such as holly bay, Indian bark, hou po, ho-no-ki, flos magnolia, bourgeon floral de magnolia, beaver tree, and many others, the buds and bark of this plant are found in natural medicine for several different purposes.

Among the most typical uses for magnolia in herbal medicine include:constipation, digestion problems, inflammation, depression, anxiety, stress, headache, asthma, fever, stroke, and weight loss. Some people also use it for toothaches, runny nose, sinus pain, hay fever, and even dark spots on the face, among other purposes.

There is some evidence that indicates that it could be helpful in relieving anxiety in some animals, though proof in humans has yet to be obtained. It may also be able to assist people with asthma, by boosting steroid production. So far, all research that has been conducted on magnolia has occurred in labs. Research on humans is virtually non-existent in any form that would be considered acceptable by the medical community.

At the moment, though magnolia may be popular as a diet pill ingredient, there isn’t much evidence at all that would support its use for that purpose. There are some indications that when magnolia is combined with phellodendron, women who are already overweight will gain less weight than other women who are overweight but who are not taking that combination. It appears as though supplements in that combination of ingredients could help them to consume fewer daily calories and speculation has suggested that this may be the result of reduced anxiety and, therefore, reduced stress eating. However, there has yet to be any type of reliable evidence that would actually directly link either magnolia or a combination of magnolia and phellodendron to weight loss.

This has caused some weight loss products to claim that the magnolia that they contain will help with reducing body fat by lowering cortisol levels in people who believe that their excess weight is a result of stress eating. However, there isn’t any reliable evidence to suggest that this can actually work.

For most people, it is likely that magnolia is safe to take over the short term. It has been observed to be safely used for up to 6 weeks. Use for longer than that time has not yet been studied so it is unknown as to whether or not it is safe. One study has showed that there are potential side effects to magnolia, including thyroid issues, shaky hands, heartburn, and sexual problems.

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