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Kumatia is a diet pill ingredient used in many formulas in the non-prescription market. It is a water soluble dietary fiber found in the acacia tree. It is the gum from the tree and is used in a range of different natural and traditional medicines.

What is Kumatia Used For?

Medicinally, kumatia has been used for many different purposes. These include:

  • Irritable bowel syndrome (I.B.S.)
  • High cholesterol
  • Weight loss

This ingredient is also used in a number of products that claim to provide detoxing and cleansing and is supposed to work as a prebiotic to encourage good bacteria growth in the digestive tract. It is also applied topically inside the mouth in order to treat gum inflammation (gingivitis) as well as to help prevent plaque buildup. Some people also topically apply this to their skin to reduce inflammation and redness.

A Manufacturing Ingredient

Kumatia is also used by the manufacturing industry. In that area, it is used as a pharmaceutical ingredient. It is used in throat and stomach inflammation medications and is used as a film-forming agent in facial masks and other types of skin care mask.

How Does This Ingredient Work in Diet Pills?

As a soluble dietary fiber, kumatia is added to diet pills to help people to feel more full. The idea is to take it along with a lot of water, which it will absorb. This will then cause it to increase its mass in the stomach, tricking the body into thinking it is fuller than it really is. This feeling of fullness will make it easier for dieters to reduce the quantity of food they eat.

By combining this effect with smart, reduced calorie food choices, this ingredient is supposed to make it easier for dieters to be able to lose weight. Many products that use this ingredient therefore claim it helps to reduce both weight and cholesterol levels.

Is Kumatia Effective?

According to research cited by WebMD, using this ingredient as a supplement is likely ineffective for treating high cholesterol levels. As of yet, there is also insufficient evidence to support its use in treating gingivitis, dental plaque, skin irritation from colostomy appliances, and weight loss. More evidence would be needed to justify recommending this ingredient for the aforementioned purposes.

That said, evidence so far indicates that taking kumatia is likely safe when taken orally by healthy adults in the amounts found in food. It is also possibly safe when used orally for medicinal purposes up to 30 grams per day for up to six weeks.

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