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Johimbi is an ingredient commonly found in weight loss tablets. It is named after the tree from which it is extracted. This substance comes from an evergreen tree that is native to certain parts of western and central Africa. The ingredient is found in the tree’s bark, which contains a chemical known as yohimbine, which is used in several forms of traditional medicine. One sythetic form of the yohimbine is called yohimbine hydrochloride (also known by the brand names of Yocon or Aphrodyne) which is a prescription medication in the United States.

Johimbi supplements frequently mention yohimbine or yohimbe bark extract as their active ingredient. That said, some of those supplements are not entirely accurate regarding the amount of johimbi that they actually contain. Moreover some of these substances will also state that their active ingredient is yohimbine hydrochloride, which is a synthetic ingredient, not the natural one. As it is a prescription medication in the United States, it is not legal for sale a supplement.

Among the other names by which this ingredient is known include: coryanthe johimbe, pausinystalia johimbe, yohimbehe cortex, yohimbinum muriatcum, yohimbine HCl, and others.

This substance is used for a long list of different medical conditions ranging from the treatment of depression to erectile dysfunction (ED) and from high blood pressure to weight loss and exercise performance enhancement. Johimbi is believed to work because of the chemicals it contains within the plant’s bark, which boost blood flow in the body while enhancing nerve impulses in certain specific parts of the body including the genitals. It may also help to counteract the sexual side effects associated with certain antidepressant medications.

As of yet, johimbi has been studied for many different reasons but has not yet been proven effective for them. There is, as of yet, insufficient evidence to support this ingredient for the use of depression, anxiety, ED, exercise performance enhancement, sexual side effects from antidepressions (SSRIs), dry mouth, head rush, chest pain, exhaustion, complications to diabetes and others.

More evidence is needed before the use of this ingredient can be proven effective for any conditions at all. So far, there isn’t anything proven for any condition.

That said, johimbi has been found to be potentially unsafe when taken orally. There have been numerous reports of severe side effects linked with the use of this ingredient, including seizure, kidney failure, rapid heartbeat, heart attack and others. This ingredient also interacts with a number of medications.

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