Hoodia Gordonii

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One of the most common over the counter diet supplements for weight loss is hoodia gordonii. Over the past decade or so, this unique extract from a cactus-like plant that grows in the partial deserts of South Africa, Botswana, Namibia, and Angola has received a lot of attention, with several weight loss product manufactures touting its amazing ability to help dieters drop excess pounds.

Claims About Hoodia Gordonii

If you are like many other dieters seeking additional weight loss help beyond conventional methods, you’ve likely heard about hoodia diet pills and you may have wondered if what you’ve heard is true.

It is said that hoodia Gordonii is a natural appetite suppressant that was used by Bushmen in the Kalahari desert who used the plant to reduce hunger pangs and the sensation of thirst as they hunted and traveled through the desert.


While there are many diet pills that contain hoodia, only those that contain the p57 steroidal glycoside are believed to provide the appetite suppression effects claimed by the Bushmen.  This specific ingredient is considered to be the herb in its purest form and comes from the hoodia gordonii plant. There are 13 plant varieties, but only the gordonii variety contains p57.

Lack of Medical Research

At this time, there have been no reputable studies published in medical journals that have indicated that the use of hoodia gordonii will have any benefits as a diet supplement or aid.

Moreover, trusted medical authorities such as the Mayo Clinic have cautioned that inadequate research has been performed to indicate that there is any positive effect to its use as a weight loss supplement.  Equally, it has stated that there have been no indications that it is unsafe.

Lost in Translation

It should be noted that there are some who believe that the translation that suggested that the ingredient is an appetite suppressant may have been inaccurate.  The original story may have indicated that the ingredient is a remedy for indigestion, not hunger.  Hence, there is no real proof that it helps with weight loss.

If you do decide that hoodia gordonii is an ingredient that you would like to try in the diet pills that you will be using, it would likely be worth your while to take the time and effort to make certain that you have discovered a product that uses a pure version of the plant.

Look for manufacturers that have certification of being a legal importer of the product.  Though this will not guarantee that your pills will have adequate quantities of the ingredient, it will help to increase your chances of the inclusion of the p57 molecule.  If the ingredient does work, then ensuring that you have found its purest and most appropriate form will be your only way of benefitting from it.

Making a Better Choice

If you’re looking for a weight management pill, it’s a good idea to start at your doctor’s office.  The odds are that he or she will not guide you toward a pill that contains hoodia gordonii.  Your doctor will help you to choose a product that will support your weight loss efforts.  Moreover, whatever product is chosen will contain only ingredients that have undergone clinical study.

This is important so that your doctor will be confident in his or her recommendation both in the effects you’ll experience and that it will be safe.

Furthermore, your doctor will help you to know what you should be doing to your lifestyle to lose the pounds and keep them off.  For instance, you will receive recommendations regarding how you should eat and the types of exercises you should be doing.  Alternately, you might be referred to speak to a registered dietitian and a physical trainer.

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