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Hervea is a naturally occurring ingredient that many companies add to their weight management supplements. This substance is found very commonly in online diet pills and is listed on product packages under many names. That said, regardless of the name used, they all contain the same substance with identical advantages and disadvantages to their use.

Among the various names commonly used to identify hervea in a diet pill include the following: thé du Paraguay, thé de saint Bartheleme, green mate, chimarrao, yerba mate, ilex paraguariensis, ilex, mate folium, jesuit’s tea and many others.

Aside from weight loss pills, hervea can also be found in a number of other supplements. The reason is that it is believed to have a range of different potential medicinal benefits. It is an extract from a plant called the Ilex paraguariensis. It is a substance that contains stimulants in the form of caffeine. This helps to make it easier to understand why so many diet pills would choose to include it in their formulas.

Some people use supplements containing hervea to help them to overcome conditions such as bladder stones, kidney stones, urinary tract infections, irregular heartbeat, low blood sugar, physical fatigue, mental fatigue, depression, headache, and weight loss.

While it is common to find hervea as an ingredient in capsules and tablets, some weight loss teas also include this substance in their formulas. The extract is found within the leaves of the plant, which is native to many areas in South America. This helps to explain why it is a common part of home remedies in Brazil, Argentina and Paraguay.

Since hervea contains caffeine, it works in part as a stimulant to the brains and the nerves as well as to the muscles that line the heart, as well as to parts of the rest of the body. It can help to promote alertness and keep fatigue at bay.

Interestingly, though the stimulants found in this ingredient work in the same way as caffeine from coffee does, there has yet to be any reputable research published that would indicate that using this ingredient is actually linked to weight loss. This is fascinating because it can be found in such a large number of products that claim that it will help its users to lose weight more quickly and easily than they could on their own.

It is important to be able to consult with reputable research before taking a product with an ingredient that has not been recommended to you by your doctor. Research is what can tell you whether or not it has the chance of working to help your weight management. It can also help you to know how much you should use to maximize benefits while avoiding taking toxic levels or experiencing unwanted side effects.

It is highly recommended that you consult with your doctor before taking a diet pill that includes hervea, particularly until a solid body of reputable research can support its safe use.

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