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Gulab is a natural ingredient that can be found in many weight loss and weight management supplements currently available.

There are many different names by which gulab is known. It’s a good idea to inform yourself of some of the more common ones so that you can recognize whether or not it is this substance you’ll be using, regardless of how it is labeled. For instance, some of the other names for gulab include hop fruit, dog rose, pink rose, poire d’oiseau, bird pear, phool gulab, apothecary rose, cynosbatos, cynorhodons, hip fruit and rose hips. Though there are several other names for this ingredient, those are the most common.

Gulab is sourced from the rose plant. It is made from the round part of the rose flower itself. That portion is found at the base of the petals. That is the portion of the plant that contains its seeds. Dried gulab is often used with or without the seeds for various form of medicinal therapies and remedies.

Most frequently, gulab is used for treating various common types of stomach and digestive issues. These can include preventing stomach irritation, deficiencies of stomach acids, stomach spasms, preventing some types of ulcers, and it is also used as an overall form of “tonic” to improve the stomach and intestines’ general wellness.

More recently gulab has also been used for issues with the gallbladder or kidney, for gallstones, constipation, diarrhea, high blood pressure, chest problems, fever, and lower urinary tract issues.

Over the last couple of decades, weight loss has also been added to this list. When taking a closer look at what gulab has been researched for and what science has shown that it can do, it seems that this ingredient is used for more conditions than there are studies to prove its benefits. For example, some early research shows that it is possibly helpful for some conditions such as osteoarthritis symptoms, studies show that it is not likely that using this substance will have a direct positive impact on weight loss.

Research has been conducted on obesity patients who used gulab, but the impact measured was not weight loss. Instead, it appeared that there may have been some blood glucose impact. Still, that research was insufficient to suggest that it could have any weight loss benefit such as helping to overcome food cravings in order to make it easier to stick to a healthy diet

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