Green Mate

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Green mate is an ingredient commonly used in a number of different types of diet supplement. It is known by many different names and may be listed on packages under any of many of those alternative names. Among the most commonly used names for this ingredient include: hervea, chimarrao, the de saint bartheleme, the du Paraguay, yerbamate, ilex, ilex paraguariensis, jesuit’s tea, mate folium, and several others.

Green mate is extracted from a plant called Ilex paraguariensis. This substance contains caffeine, which helps to explain why it is frequently used in diet pills and other diet supplements. Other types of product in which green mate is sometimes found include those meant for depression, kidney and bladder stones, UTIs, low blood pressure, irregular heartbeat, mental and physical fatigue, headache and, of course, weight loss.

This ingredient is found in both pills and teas when used as an ingredient. This is because it is the leaves of the plant that contain the active substances that are believed to create the desired effects. It is a popular remedy for several ailments in Paraguay, Brazil and Argentina.

Because this ingredient is a stimulant, the way it works is by stimulating the brain, the nerves, the muscles lining the heart, and the rest of the body.

While the stimulants in this ingredient do seem to work in the same way they do from other sources, the medical community has yet to publish the results of a peer-reviewed study in a medical journal which would suggest that there is any link between using it and losing weight. There has been research to look into its effects as a diet pill ingredient, but so far, there is insufficient evidence, at best, standing behind it.

Equally, there has yet to be adequate evidence to support its use for fat reduction, cholesterol reduction, or obesity, as well as heart conditions, fluid retention, fatigue, low blood pressure and even headaches. There simply isn’t enough research to prove that this ingredient is beneficial for much. While this doesn’t mean that it absolutely won’t help someone who is trying to lose weight, what it does mean is that doctors simply don’t know whether or not it’s true. Moreover, even if we are to assume that this ingredient would provide benefits, it isn’t known how much needs to be used to produce those benefits, and how much could be toxic and/or lead to unwanted side effects.

There are some side effects linked with the use of green mate, including vomiting and nausea, restlessness, insomnia, irregular heartbeat, increased respiration, high blood pressure, increased heart rate and other types of side effect.

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