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Glycomacropeptide is a nonprescription ingredient in the form of a short protein. It is found in a range of different kinds of supplements, including those intended for weight loss. While it may be labeled as such on a product’s ingredients list, it is also known be several other names. These include: casein-derived peptide, casein glycopeptides, kappa-casein glycomacropeptide, caseinoglycomacropeptide, and casein glycomacropeptide.

This is actually a substance that is made during the cheese making process as it is from a milk protein. That said, it differs from the majority of other proteins as glycomacropeptide does not contain very much phenylalanine, which is an amino acid.

Aside from weight loss, other reasons many people take supplements containing glycomacropeptide include treatments of heart disease and certain mental health conditions as well as the prevention of liver disease, gout, dental cavities and phenylketonuria. It is also used by some people for infant development.

In terms of weight loss, it has been hypothesized that this substance may help to improve efforts to lose fat through the release of certain chemicals that can help people to feel more full from eating. In this way, it can act as an appetite suppressant and may make it easier to consumer fewer calories every day.

It is also believed that glycomacropeptide might bind itself to certain viruses, bacteria and even certain toxins, so individuals taking it may be less likely to become infected.

That said, when all is said and done, even at the best side of the spectrum there is insufficient evidence to suggest that glycomacropeptides have any health benefits when taken in supplements. This doesn’t mean that it won’t help. However, science and medicine have yet to prove how it might help and in which dose it must be taken. Therefore, even if a supplement manufacturer claims that it has proven benefits, this is not yet true. Moreover, even if the substance itself has been shown to be beneficial, it is unknown as to how much the average person should taken in order to obtain these benefits without experiencing side effects.

If taken orally for up to one year as a food supplement, this substance is considered to be possibly safe. It is unknown as to whether or not glucomacropeptide conflicts with any medications or other supplements. It is also unknown as to whether or not it might be problematic if taken by individuals with certain medical conditions.

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