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ForsLean is a nonprescription ingredient that can be licensed by diet pill manufacturers in order to allow them to include it into their own formulas. The company behind this ingredient, Sabinsa Corporation (which has two patents for this substance), has worked hard to market it as a fat burner, appetite suppressant, and even a substance that could help to reduce blood pressure levels. As it has reached a certain degree of recognition within the industry, this can make it appealing to companies selling diet pills as they can take advantage of the fact that some dieters will recognize the brand and will find a product more appealing when it is included in the ingredients list.

According to the official website for this diet pill ingredient, the substance that makes up ForsLean is forskolin. That is a natural ingredient that is obtained from the forskohlii plant’s root. That plant is native to Asia and is a relative of the lavender and the mint plant families. Due to a growth in the number of positive studies that have been conducted on forskolin and on the positive anecdotal evidence that has been accumulating with regards to its uses, this substance has been growing in popularity among supplement manufacturers and among dieters.

Some of the research that has been conducted on forskolin has shown that when a dieter following a healthy, calorie reduced and portion controlled diet and who is regularly active adds the use of this substance to their efforts, the metabolism does receive somewhat of a boost and the dieter can burn fat slightly more quickly. What is possibly more helpful through the use of this ingredient is its promotion of lean muscle mass. The reason is that muscles are actually fat burners, unto themselves. Therefore, by adding lean muscle to the body, fat will naturally be burned more quickly and easily, both during workouts and even while idle.

The official website for ForsLean and the page for the ingredient on the manufacturer’s site provide a solid amount of information about this product. This includes information about a handful of the studies that have been conducted on it, as well as some notes about potential side effects (though the website has said that none have been reported). It explains that there are some possible contradictions with other substances and medications so it is helpful for dieters to look to this data before taking a product that includes ForsLean.

ForsLean may be helpful for some dieters, but it is not appropriate for those with certain medical conditions such as gastric ulcers and high blood pressure. Moreover, it can conflict with high blood pressure medications and drugs for asthma sufferers.

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