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Forskolin is a natural ingredient that can be found in certain over the counter weight loss supplements. In its highest qualities and in the right amounts, this can be a substance that provides dieters with meaningful support in their efforts to lose weight through proper healthy eating habits and regular fitness level appropriate exercises.

About Forskolin

This ingredient is taken from the Coleus Forskohlii plant. This chemical is derived from the plant’s roots. The plant, itself, is a tropical perennial that is native to parts of Asia. It has been used for several different medical reasons in traditional medicine for hundreds of years.

Potential Uses

Although it can be effective as a part of a greater weight loss formula, this ingredient is also known to have a range of other potential benefits which have been used for the treatment of such conditions as: bladder infections, skin conditions (such as psoriasis and eczema), allergies, irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), insomnia, sexual troubles in men, advanced cancer blood clots, urinary tract infections (UTI), and convulsions.

Forskolin for Weight Loss and Obesity

In the treatment of obesity, forskolin is used because it can help a dieter to reduce his or her body fat levels. One study published in the Journal of Cyclic Nucleotide Research showed that this ingredient directly impacts the cyclic AMP of the body, and that because of that, it can support muscle growth.

Although this can be an appealing benefit to athletes and bodybuilders, the impact can also assist dieters, as muscles burn calories very effectively. Therefore, the more lean muscle there is on the body, the more effectively that body burns calories and fat.

Another study, published in the Obesity Research journal, pointed out that forskolin use can bring about body composition changes, where the participants in the study who were using this ingredient had a measurably lower body fat percentage and body fat mass than those who were taking a placebo.

In The Journal of Nutrition, a study was published that showed that dieters using forskolin experienced an improved fat burning speed. This was enhanced to the most effective point when those dieters took part in regular cardio exercises in combination with the use of this supplement.

Possible Concerns

Forskolin is considered to be possibly safe for the majority of adults when taken in the form of eye drops, when inhaled, or even when taken intravenously.  That said, when taken intravenously, side effects can include low blood pressure or flushing.  Unwanted effects that can occur when inhaled include irritated throat, restlessness, cough, and tremor.  Forskolin in eye drops can sting.

This ingredient should not be taken by pregnant women. It is considered to be possibly unsafe for expectant mothers.  The reason is that if it is taken in high doses, there is the chance that it could reduce or even halt fetal growth.  Avoiding use altogether is recommended for pregnant women for that reason.  Moreover, as there isn’t enough reliable data regarding whether or not it transfers to breast milk, it’s best for breastfeeding women to avoid the use of this ingredient.

This substance may also cause issues in people with heart and/or bleeding disorders.  The reason is that it could increase the risk of bleeding in certain people with these types of condition.  It may also reduce blood pressure.  There is also a chance that it might conflict with heart or blood vessel disease treatment and may even worsen those conditions.  If you have a heart or blood problem, it is best not to use forskolin or products that contain it.

If you are going to have surgery, be sure to stop taking anything containing this diet pill ingredient at least two weeks before you are scheduled for your procedure.  This way, its impact on increased bleeding can avoid additional risks during your surgery.

Diet Pill Ingredients

This ingredient can be a powerful and very helpful addition to good quality diet pill formulas and it can assist many dieters in being able to get the most out of the efforts that they are making in order to overcome obesity and to reduce overall body fat levels. It is recommended that a doctor be consulted before using supplements containing this or any other ingredient, to ensure that it is appropriate for a specific dieter’s medical needs and weight loss expectations.

If you are considering the use of a supplement or diet pill containing forskolin as one of its ingredients, it’s highly recommended that you speak to your doctor to be sure it is safe and appropriate for you.

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