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Eviodiamine, also known as Wu-Chu-Yu, is a type of chemical that is obtained by extracting it from the Evodia plant family.  Typically speaking, it is the Evodiae Fructus plant from which it is extracted.  As of yet, there have been no known studies performed on human subjects in order to test the efficacy of this ingredient.  However, there have been a number of studies* performed on rodents such as lab mice.

Within the animal studies that have been performed using Evodiamine in order to determine its benefits in helping to combat obesity, it has been indicated that the substance can help to reduce the intake of fat.  This suggests that there could be a possibility that, if it works in humans, it may be an effective ingredients in weight loss supplements.  However, there is still a long way to go in testing before that can be determined.

This ingredient has been used in Traditional Chinese Medicine for several centuries for its weight loss properties. Today, it can be purchased as a single ingredient supplement, or it can also be found as one of several substances that make up a larger formulation.  They can be purchased online at a wide variety of different vitamin merchants and health stores.

The studies that have been performed on animals using Evodiamine have suggested that it is the valliloids within the ingredient that are effective in helping to reduce the absorption of fat from consumed foods, as well as to boost the rate at which fat is burned from the body.  It is believed that this occurs as a result of thermogenic reactions, as it raises the body temperature.

The studies have also indicated that Evodiamine can conflict with a number of different prescription drugs.  This makes it even more important that you speak with your doctor before beginning a weight loss program that includes a product that contains this substance.  Even if you aren’t taking any prescription medications, it is still important that you take this step, as it may also conflict with health conditions.

As there have been no human studies performed using Evodiamine, it is unknown how much would be required even if it was certain that this substance helped with weight loss in people.  Until a standardized, long term controlled trial can be performed, the true efficacy and the correct dosage will remain unknown and it cannot be considered a true weight loss product, quite yet.

*  Yoshinori Kobayashi, Yumiko Nakano, Miho Kizaki, Kiyoko Hoshikuma, Yoshiharu Yokoo, Toshikazu Kamiya. Planta Medica.  “Capsaicin-Like Anti-Obese Activities of Evodiamine from Fruits of Evodia rutaecarpa, a Vanilloid Receptor Agonist”. December 16, 2000; 628-633. http://www.decatrim.com/downloads/evodiamine.pdf

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