Dog Rose

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Dog rose is a naturally occurring substance that is often found in various types of diet pills. It may be listed under any of a large number of different names which may all refer to the same substance. Some of the more commonly used names include: hop fruit, dog rose hips, gulab, Persian rose, hip fruit, apothecary rose, phool gulab, pink rose, cynosbatos, cynorhodons, rosa alba, and poire d’oiseau, among several others.

Dog rose is made from the round portion of the rose flower. That part can be found just under where the petals grow. That is the seed-containing portion of the plant’s flower. Dried dog rose is frequently used with those seeds in order to treat any number of different medical conditions.

Among the most common uses for dog rose are for various types of stomach discomforts. These can include ulcer prevention, stomach spasms, deficiencies in stomach acid, or simply preventing irritation in the stomach. There are many types of tonic made from dog rose in order to help ease intestinal issues as well. More recently, it is becoming a common gout treatment, as well as one for constipation, gallstones gallbladder issues, diarrhea, and both kidney and lower urinary tract disorders. Some use it to try to treat fever, high blood pressure and chest problems. And, of course, it is also used in weight loss pills.

This ingredient is known for being quite high in vitamin C. Unfortunately, processing naturally occurring vitamin C destroys that substance. Therefore, if this ingredient is used in a diet pill for its vitamin C content, it is likely a poor choice.

While research shows that dog rose does have several potential medicinal benefits, such as treating osteoarthritis, research indicates that it is unlikely to be helpful to people who are trying to lose weight. The nearest benefit it has been shown to have that could potentially justify its use in a diet pill is for its blood sugar level support among obesity patients. However, even in the research that indicated it could be beneficial in that way, there was no indication that measurable weight loss would occur as a result of its use.

The majority of the evidence supporting the use of dog rose as a weight loss pill ingredient is anecdotal or very preliminary. Substantial research is required before it will be possible to know if this is an ingredient with positive benefits for weight loss dieters, or how much can be safely used in order to achieve the best possible results.

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