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There are different diet pills prescription options that are available to assist individuals who are looking for ways to combat obesity, effectively manage their weight and improve their health. While many prescription diet drugs have been formulated to produce similar results, they don’t always contain the same ingredients. Therefore, the type of diet medication that is prescribed to a patient depends on what pill their doctor believes will best meet their specific needs and goals.

With that in mind, however, diet pills are typically prescribed to obese individuals who have weight-related health problems, such as type 2 diabetes and hypertension, or are at risk of developing these conditions. That said, prescribing diet pills is not always an easy task, and trial and error often plays a major role in the diet pills reviews prescription process. Some of the factors that doctors consider when determining what pills may be most ideal for their patient includes:

  • The dieter’s specific weight loss goals
  • How much weight needs to be lost
  • The patient’s medical history and current health conditions
  • If the patient is taking any medications or supplements

Despite what conclusions may be drawn from a patient’s health evaluation, three of the most common weight loss drugs prescribed are Phentermine, Adipex, and Bontril.

Phentermine is an anorectic drug. It contains the sympathomimetic amine phentermine hydrochloride (hcl), which stimulates the central nervous system causing appetite suppression.  This diet pill makes it easier for dieters to reduce the amount of food they consume.  In addition, it increases the body’s energy levels, so it makes it easier for dieters to find the motivation to exercise. This drug is very successful at helping individuals lose weight, as it works well when combined with a low calorie diet and daily exercise.

Adipex is brand name Phentermine and, therefore, functions in the exact same way and provides the same benefits. However, this also means that it shares the same drawbacks such as the risk of several side effects, which may include but are not limited to: headache, sleeplessness, dizziness, digestive upset, jitters, and addiction.

Bontril is a diet pills prescription product that is also an appetite suppressant like Phentermine. The main difference is that its formula contains phendimetrazine.  It provides similar benefits, such as suppressing hunger and boosting energy, and also causes side effects that are not unlike those associated with the other two prescription drugs.  The risk of addiction that can lead to withdrawal symptoms resulting from prolonged use or high dosages is also a possibility when taking Bontril.

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