Diet Pills FDA Approved

When looking for the right diet pills, many people seek out options that are FDA approved.  Though this is naturally the case when looking into prescription medications, it can be a little bit more challenging when over the counter supplements are being considered.

While Phentermine and Adipex have been on the market for many years, and clearly have their FDA approval because they are prescription diet pills, there have been some new approvals for drugs in 2012 that haven’t been seen for 13 years.

A couple of new diet pills were FDA approved in 2012 and generated quite a stir in the weight loss industry.  Among the two, it is Qsymia (formerly known as Qnexa) that has achieved the most favorable results in its clinical studies.  Between the two most recently approved, this is this drug that produced the most weight loss among the participants of the research.  This medication is a combination of Phentermine – an appetite suppressant – and Topiramate – which was originally developed as an anticonvulsant drug.  This product comes in an extended release capsule.

On the nonprescription side of the scale, there are very few diet pills that are FDA approved.  This is because while over the counter supplements are required to comply with certain manufacturing and safety regulations, they don’t actually need approval in order to sell their products.  Overall, they need only prove that what they are selling is safe to use and not that it is actually effective.  That said, while it is still not permitted for products to make false claims about what they are capable of achieving, the claims that are made are rarely – if ever – checked for their veracity.

That being said, there are some nonprescription diet pills that are FDA approved.  Among them is Alli.  This is a product that is marketed as a fat blocker.  Its main active ingredient is Orlistat (better known under its brand name as Xenical).  This ingredient is well known as a prescription fat blocker, but the manufacturers of Alli use it in such a small dose that they have been permitted to include it in their formulation.

Whether or not the products that you are considering for your weight loss effort includes diet pills the FDA approved, it is still very important that you consult with your doctor.  Even when products have been deemed safe for the general population, it doesn’t necessarily mean that they are the best option for your needs or that they won’t conflict with health conditions you may have or medications that you may be using.

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