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    • Camellia Sinensis

      Camelia Sinensis is a plant that is known for having a large number of uses and preparations. It is used in both food and medicine and is the plant b...

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    • Locust Bean

      Locust bean is an ingredient commonly found in both food and medicine. It is another name for the carob fruit, but it is important not to mix it up w...

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    • Acacia

      Acacia is a type of gum substance excreted from the acacia tree. It contains a type of water-soluble dietary fiber. It is used as a medicine for a n...

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    • Flaxseed

      Flaxseed is the seed that comes from a plant known as Linum usitatissimum. This is commonly used in both food and medicine. This includes use in supp...

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    • Whey Protein

      Whey protein is a substance that – as the name suggests – comes from whey and that is used for many different purposes, including in supplements f...

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    • Glycomacropeptide

      Glycomacropeptide is a nonprescription ingredient in the form of a short protein. It is found in a range of different kinds of supplements, including...

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    • Glycerol

      Glycerol is a type of naturally occurring chemical that is used for a broad range of different purposes. It is used as medicine for a number of diffe...

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    • Cocoa

      Cocoa, that beloved ingredient that is integral to the manufacture of chocolate, is also a substance that is used medicinally for a number of purposes...

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    • Astragalus

      Astragalus is a diet pill ingredient that has made its way into dozens of nonprescription supplement formulas. It is the root of this herb that is us...

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    • Apple

      The majority of us recognize an apple as a type of fruit that will “keep the doctor away” if we eat it on a regular basis. Many people include th...

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