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      • Marijuana

        Marijuana is a plant around which there has been a tremendous amount of controversy. It is known by a very long list of different names, including can...

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      • Kumatia

        Kumatia is a diet pill ingredient used in many formulas in the non-prescription market. It is a water soluble dietary fiber found in the acacia tree. ...

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      • Hoodia Gordonii

        One of the most common over the counter diet supplements for weight loss is hoodia gordonii. Over the past decade or so, this unique extract from a ca...

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      • Freshwater Seaweed

        Freshwater seaweed is a form of algae which, as its name suggests, grows in fresh water. The entire plant is used as an ingredient in various kinds of...

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      • Mulathi

        Mulathi is a natural ingredient often found in supplements for various reasons, including as diet pill ingredients. This is a substance that is plant ...

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      • Citrus Flavonoids

        Citrus flavonoids are a natural ingredient sometimes added to weight loss pills. They are listed on product packages under many different names as thi...

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      • Gulab

        Gulab is a natural ingredient that can be found in many weight loss and weight management supplements currently available. There are many different...

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      • Bone Meal

        Bone meal is a natural ingredient commonly found in diet pills. Though this may be the name by which it ...

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      • Caseinoglycomacropeptide

        Caseinoglycomacropeptide is a type of short protein that is sometimes found in supplements such as diet pills. It is also found in over the counter pr...

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      • Dog Rose

        Dog rose is a naturally occurring substance that is often found in various types of diet pills....

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