Citrus Peel Extract

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Citrus peel extract is an ingredient that is making its way into a growing number of weight loss supplements. Many over the counter obesity pills are starting to include this substance within their formulas.

That said, just because citrus peel extract is a common name for this ingredient, it doesn’t mean it’s the only way it is identified in ingredients lists. It may also be listed as bioflavonoid complex, citrus, blood orange, citrus flavones, orange douce, orange juice, orange peel, red orange, wild orange, shamouti orange, citrus macracantha, jaffa orange, naranja dulce, or orange sanguine, among others.

Citrus peel extract is obtained from the sweet orange fruit’s peel. Both that fruit’s peel and juice are used for medicinal purposes. That said, this ingredient does not necessarily include the juice of the plant, only an extract from the outer peel.

Among the medicinal uses for this plant include treating high blood pressure, high cholesterol and as a part of stroke prevention.

It is believed to be helpful due to its high concentration of vitamin C. Some doctors also believe that citrus peel extract may also be helpful to asthma sufferers due to the strong vitamin C antioxidant activity.

Aside from vitamin C, it also contains a good concentration of potassium. Some research indicates that potassium can help in stroke and high blood pressure prevention.

Also present in citrus peel extract is citrate. This is a naturally occurring chemical that may help with the prevention of kidney stones. The reason is that the citrate binds with calcium before it has the opportunity to build up and form the “stones.”

Early research has shown that drinking the juice from the red sweet orange plant may help to decrease blood pressure and cholesterol in overweight and obese individuals. That said, there has yet to be any research to show that citrus peel extract has that same impact. It is also unknown whether or not this ingredient has any impact on body weight itself. It is known only that the juice may help improve the health of obese people.

That said, early research also indicates that smelling citrus peel extract while taking part in a stressful activity may help to reduce anxiety levels and overall tension. This could potentially help to reduce cortisol levels. High cortisol levels are linked with weight gain. The effects of this ingredient may also help to support the reduction of stress, and therefore stress eating which could contribute to a more effective healthy weight loss strategy.

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