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Caseinoglycomacropeptide is a type of short protein that is sometimes found in supplements such as diet pills. It is also found in over the counter products meant for a range of other medicinal purposes. Though this may be the name used on a product package’s ingredients list, it is important to note that there are several other names by which this substance can also be known.

Among the alternative names for Caseinoglycomacropeptide include glycomacropeptide, casein glycomacropeptide, casein-derived peptide, and kappa-casein glycomacropeptide.

This protein occurs naturally in milk and is a substance that is typically obtained during the cheese making process. That said, it is not the same as many other more typical proteins as there is very little phenylalanine – an amino acid – in Caseinoglycomacropeptide.

Though Caseinoglycomacropeptide is found in diet pills for weight loss pills, there are many other types of supplements that also contain this ingredient. This is because many people believe it to be beneficial for certain mental health conditions, for treating heart disease, and for preventing gout, liver disease, cavities and phenylketonuria. Some also believe that it can be helpful in promoting healthy infant development as a part of the milk they drink.

The idea that this ingredient may help with weight loss has to do with the research that has been conducted on its effects on improving fat loss. When it is consumed, the body releases certain chemicals that can help the dieter to feel more satisfied by the foods they’re eating. This way, assuming that the individual is also keeping calories under control and macronutrients in balance, it may act as a mild form of appetite suppressant. This makes it easier for the individual to eat less without feeling as hungry. That said, this connection clearly doesn’t mean that Caseinoglycomacropeptide causes weight to be lost on its own. It must be combined with proper lifestyle choices. The appetite suppressing impact of this ingredient has yet to be conclusively proven in research. Therefore, while it may potentially be helpful, science has yet to prove it.

It is also believed that Caseinoglycomacropeptide may bind to certain types of bacteria, viruses and even some forms of toxin. This can, in some cases, make it more difficult for an infection to set in. If this is indeed the case, it may help to prevent illness through immune system support. That said, this impact has yet to be conclusively proven.

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