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Bockshornsame is a type of herb in the clover family. It can be found growing wild in the Mediterranean, as well as in southern Europe and in western Asia. Where it grows, it is also used in cooking. Its leaves and seeds are both used. The leaves are consumed as food, but its seeds are consumed as both food and for medicinal purposes, including as a weight loss supplement ingredient.

Bockshornsame is known by many different common names. Any of these may appear on the ingredients list of a product that contains it. These can include any of the following and more: fenogreco, bird’s foot, bockshornklee, greek hay, Egypt fenugreek, chandrika, alholva, Trigonella foenum, trigonelle, woo lu bar.

Among the most common uses for bockshornsame is to take it orally in order to relieve digestive struggles such as upset stomach, appetite loss, constipation and gastritis (stomach inflammation). This herb is also used as a diabetes treatment, to help with menopause and painful menstruation symptoms, arthritis, polycystic ovary syndrome, poor thyroid function and obesity. Some also use it for atherosclerosis (hardening of the arteries) as well as to help remedy high blood fat levels including triglycerides and cholesterol.

Bockshornsame may be used for certain kidney issues, as well as for treating beriberi, which is a vitamin deficiency disease. Some use it for treating mouth ulcers, bronchitis, boils, cellulitis, tuberculosis, chapped lips, chronic coughs, baldness, Parkinson’s disease, and cancer. It is also often taken to enhance exercise performance. There are many other reasons that both men and women take this substance medicinally.

It is believed to work in the body by slowing sugar absorption from the stomach into the blood, while stimulating insulin production. These effects both lower blood sugar levels. This explains why it is used by some as a remedy for diabetes.

In fact, some research suggests that it may indeed be helpful to people who have diabetes. Some people with type 1 diabetes take 50 grams of this ingredient’s seed in powder form and see some benefit. Some research also indicates that it may be quite helpful for people suffering from painful menstrual periods, taking a higher dose of the seed powder three times per day during the first three days of menstruation then a lower dose three times afterward. This reduced the need for painkillers.

That said, in terms of weight loss and being an obesity treatment, there is insufficient evidence to indicate whether or not it may be helpful. Preliminary research indicates that it may help people to reduce their daily fat intake. However, only higher doses had this effect, not lower doses. Moreover, no dose of bockshornsame has been shown to produce weight loss.

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