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If you’ve been looking into diet pill ingredients then you are certain to have come across bean pod at some time or another. That said, whether or not you actually recognized it as this specific substance is quite another thing.

The reason is that bean pod can be listed as any of dozens of different names, each of which refers to exactly the same thing. It simply has so many common names that it is up to the manufacturer when it comes to which one will actually be added to the label. Among the most common choices are mangetout, haricot blanc, black beans, cannelli beans, common bean, green bean, haricot a rames, haricot commun, haricot jaune, haricot mange-tout, baked beans, gousse de haricot, haricot a parchemin, haricot beurre, and many others.

The bean pod ingredient is just what it sounds to be. It comes from any of several different plants that produce beans that grow in pods. The beans – that is, the seeds – are discarded, possibly for use in the food industry, and the remaining pod husks are used to make an extract that is used medicinally.

In medicine, the bean pod is often used in supplements meant for the treatment of obesity, high cholesterol, bladder or kidney stones, urinary tract infections (UTIs), lung cancer and diabetes. It may also be used as a diuretic for the purpose of increasing the production of urine.

Bean pods are a good source of dietary fiber, which may assist in the prevention of the absorption of cholesterol while boosting the elimination of dietary fat. Products that contain this ingredient typically claim to be “starch blockers.” It is for this reason that many manufacturers say that they are useful as ingredients for weight loss. That said, research has been indicating that products containing this ingredient don’t actually reduce starch absorption in any measurable way.

Many dieters find that the bean pod specifically from white kidney beans can help in the reduction of waist circumference among people who are overweight. However, the evidence that suggests that this ingredient is directly related to this reaction is conflicting. Much more evidence will be needed before it can be determined to what degree – if any – bean pod should be considered helpful to people who are attempting to lose weight.

That said, regardless of effectiveness, most evidence indicates that regular oral use of bean pod extracts is likely safe for most adults when taken for up to two to three months.

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