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Acacia is a type of gum substance excreted from the acacia tree. It contains a type of water-soluble dietary fiber. It is used as a medicine for a number of different purposes including to support weight loss.

Products containing acacia may list this ingredient under a range of different potential names. This can include: gomme acacia, bomme arabique, acacia verek, acacia Senegal, gommier blanc, gum acacia, acacia Arabica, bum Senegal, gomme d’acacia, bummae momosae, and several others.

When used in weight loss products and for other medicinal reasons, acacia is usually taken by mouth. Aside from weight loss, its most common use is in cholesterol reduction. It is also added to a number of different types of throat medications as well as products for stomach inflammation. It is also frequently the substance in peel-off skin care masks that causes a film to form.

It’s important to recognize that the acacia used for these reasons is not the same as another similarly named ingredient called sweet acacia (Acacia farnesiana). They may sound similar, but they are different substances with different effects on the body.

The main benefit that acacia has to offer dieters is that it is a high source of dietary fiber. Therefore, when it is consumed it can help people to feel more full. When they feel more full, they may be less inclined to overeat. When overeating isn’t occurring, the outcome may be weight loss that can be seen on a bathroom scale.

Despite the fact that many people use this substance for lowering cholesterol levels when they are high, research has yet to conclusively indicate that this substance is effective when taken that way.

That said, there is some preliminary research suggesting that taking 30 grams of powdered acacia each day may help to support a dieter’s efforts. That said, simply taking this substance isn’t enough to cause fat loss. It must be used as a part of a broader dieting strategy.

When taken orally in the amounts typically found in foods, acacia is considered to be safe for the majority of healthy adults. That said, it’s important to note that when taken in the amounts used for medicinal purposes, it has been labeled as only “possibly safe” as there hasn’t been enough research to prove that it is safe to take in those amounts and over a length of time. Taking 30 mg per day or less for 6 weeks or shorter is likely safe for most healthy people.

Taking acacia can lead to certain minor side effects such as nausea, bloating, gas and loose stool.

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