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5-Hydroxytryptophan is an ingredient that is also commonly known as 5-HTP and that is found in a range of different types of nonprescription supplements that are currently available on the market.

It is a chemical byproduct of L-tryptophan, which is one of the building blocks of protein. That said, it can also be obtained from the seeds of griffonia simplicifolia, which is a plant that is native to Africa.

While this substance is known to be helpful with a number of different types of issue, such as treating tension and migraine headaches, depression, anxiety, sleep disorders, premenstrual syndrome (PMS), premenstrual dysphoric disorder (PMDD), fibromyalgia, and attention deficit disorder, it is also often used to help to control the binge eating that is associated with some common forms of obesity.

There have been many clinical studies conducted on 5-HTP in order to better understand its effects and its safety. This has helped in the formation of a strong understanding of how much is required in order to be able to obtain the desired results and to know just what types of outcomes can be expected from its use. This research has been ongoing for decades and has determined that it can produce very positive appetite suppressing benefits that can make it easier for dieters to be able to adhere to a reduced calorie diet, without suffering from the pangs of hunger that would otherwise cause them to overeat.

The mood supporting and balancing benefits of 5-HTP can also be quite beneficial to dieters. It is known to enhance the production of the brain chemical, serotonin, which can not only affect the size of the appetite, but that also helps to stave off depression. This means that it helps to support good levels of motivation throughout the length of an attempt to lose weight. This added motivation can improve a dieter’s ability to stick with a program without giving up or losing hope, even when a plateau appears to have been reached.

While 5-HTP is sometimes used on its own to help dieters to lose weight more effectively in conjunction with a healthy eating and exercising program, it is frequently used to greater benefit in high quality formulas that include other researched ingredients that complement these effects. This ingredient works well with several other known and studied substances and can help to provide a more complete tool for promoting healthy weight loss.

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